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What is ALU’s Business Management Major?

ALU’s Business Management major introduces students to the knowledge and skills for leading sustainable and impactful businesses. Students in business management are aspiring leaders and entrepreneurs who look at the African continent and see an abundance of opportunity.

WHAT skills do BM Curriculum Facilitators need to have, in order to succeed in this awesome environment?

About You:

You’ve completed an advanced degree, understand all the major domains & trends in the field, know how to get up to speed on the areas where your experience is lacking, and can explain how it all relates to each other. …

…and at some point, you thought to yourself, “there has to be a better way for people to learn all of this.”

…so you’ve reflected on what you’d keep from your education, but especially what you’d change.

…though you may not have the answers yet, you have some ideas that you’d like to try out.

You believe in the awesome potential of students, and you see them as active participants in learning (not passive recipients of information). You’ve had the experience of seeing the light go on when someone “gets it” – maybe in a formal classroom, but maybe not – and you found that experience immensely satisfying.

It also helps if you have…

– An iterative mindset (the ability to take an idea, test it, learn from it, make the call to ‘use it or lose it’)

– Experience making data-driven decisions (this can be learned, as some of our faculty have already proven)

– An uncanny ability for quick solution hacks

– The ability to pick up new skills quickly, be it building a new grading framework, revising curriculum or providing feedback after observing a team mate’s class

HOW will these skills be applied within the BM Curriculum and Facilitations team?

– Our faculty are each responsible for guiding students  through an impactful learning experience in their particular area of expertise. This includes prepping for and facilitating sessions, reviewing assignments, holding office hours, and providing feedback on and improving the curriculum.

– Our curriculum designers constantly look around and ask, “what do our students need, and what can I do about it?”, to challenge the status quo of our core curriculum, to make sure that the content is of the highest standard, and we are using best possible approach

About ALU

ALU is founded on the philosophy that a new generation of ethical, committed leaders is the key to Africa’s development. Our vision is to build 25 new universities across the continent to be the training ground for these future leaders. Through the application of world-class education technology and the latest in adult-learning techniques, ALU provides an exceptional learning environment focused on building real-world skills and true expertise across a variety of disciplines. ALU’s goal is to graduate confident, intelligent and proactive citizens, business leaders and entrepreneurs to meet the growing demand for talent across Africa.MissionOur aim is to radically transform Africa by leveraging a new model of education to develop 3 million innovative, ethical and entrepreneurial leaders over the next 50 years. We will do this by establishing a network of 25 universities, each serving 10,000 students (i.e. 250,000 future leaders at a time)
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