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What is ALU’s Foundational course: Communicating for Impact?

Communicating for Impact is a Foundation Core course that prepares students for our communication-driven world by teaching them to analyze audiences, craft well-organized documents, formulate logical arguments, and tell powerful stories. At the same time, through an intense focus on seminal readings it also equips students with the critical thinking skills and self-awareness necessary to continually explore their understanding of identity, values, and purpose.

WHAT skills do C4I Faculty members need to have, in order to succeed in this awesome environment?

The right person must be…

– Able to engage and facilitate large group conversations, without lecturing or commanding centre stage… or be willing to build that skill very quickly!

– Knowledgeable or have relevant work experience in required field of expertise, without feeling inclined to impose their wisdom on others

– Someone with a strong opinion about the Oxford comma, who enjoys and excels with the written word, and can articulate both why their favorite author is great and why their least favorite author should never have been published.

But it also helps if they have…

– An iterative mindset (the ability to take an idea, test it, learn from it, make the call to ‘use it or lose it’)

– Experience making data-driven decisions (this can be learned, as some of our CI faculty have proven)

– An uncanny ability for quick solution hacks

– The ability to pick up new skills quickly, be it building a new grading framework, revising curriculum or providing feedback after observing a team mate’s class

HOW will these skills be applied within the C4I Faculty team?

– Our faculty constantly look around and ask, “what do our students need, and what can I do about it?”, to challenge the status quo of our core curriculum, to make sure that the content is of the highest standard, and we are using best possible approach

– Our Year 1 Faculty team are each responsible for guiding at least 30 students at a time through an impactful learning experience in their particular area of expertise. This includes prepping for and facilitating sessions, reviewing assignments, holding office hours, and providing feedback on and improving the curriculum

About ALU

ALU is founded on the philosophy that a new generation of ethical, committed leaders is the key to Africa’s development. Our vision is to build 25 new universities across the continent to be the training ground for these future leaders. Through the application of world-class education technology and the latest in adult-learning techniques, ALU provides an exceptional learning environment focused on building real-world skills and true expertise across a variety of disciplines. ALU’s goal is to graduate confident, intelligent and proactive citizens, business leaders and entrepreneurs to meet the growing demand for talent across Africa.MissionOur aim is to radically transform Africa by leveraging a new model of education to develop 3 million innovative, ethical and entrepreneurial leaders over the next 50 years. We will do this by establishing a network of 25 universities, each serving 10,000 students (i.e. 250,000 future leaders at a time)
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