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Job Description

-Design the Instabug dashboard on web and mobile for developers. Starting from user research to low fidelity wireframes and ending with full scale visual systems.
-Design the SDK’s mobile user interface for end-users
-Design Instabug branding and marketing materials (Online ads, social media, etc..)
-A/B test existing and new designs
-Optimize click-through-rates, call-to-actions, etc.. to increase conversions.

Most importantly, you can dig deep into the product usage numbers, and know exactly how users are interacting with your design and what do you need to do based on that.
-Minimum of 2 years experience in UI/UX design
-Strong knowledge of user experience best-practices
-Strong knowledge of Adobe Photoshop
-Strong knowledge of the key wireframing and production tools
-Strong visual design skills and has the ability to create class-leading design
-Understand the concepts of A/B testing,
-You’ve designed for both the web and for mobile, and understand the possibilities and constraints that come with each platform
-Passionate about iterating quickly and testing new designs
-“Give a shit” attitude towards the details – You often notice things others around you don’t.

Extras (Bonus):
-Experienced in designing dashboards and portals
-Used Optimzely, Crazyegg, or Heap Analytics.
-Passionate about blogging and sharing your thoughts
-Experienced in branding and logo design
-Flexible to work from outside of Egypt (Silicon Valley, CA)
-World class Fifa15 player.

About Instabug

At Instabug, we're making it easier for developers to communicate with each other and with their users while developing mobile apps, by building easy-to-use yet powerful SDKs, APIs and applications.Instabug is a platform for mobile developers that help them communicate with their users, collaborate with their teams and build better apps.We allow regular mobile users or beta testers to submit their feedback or report bugs about any mobile app in the most intuitive way; by just SHAKING their device!We also enable teams working on mobile apps to collaborate with each other more efficiently using our dashboard, where they can assign bugs, comment on them and add tags.We provide mobile developers with:80% less negative reviews750% more user feedback45% less time in managing and logging bugs
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