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Job Description

SafeMotos is looking to hire a developer to be based from our office in Kigali, Rwanda. Come to Rwanda: it’s awesome with good burritos and an elegant ICT ecosystem.

SafeMotos is a safer Uber for Africa’s motorcycle taxis. You can learn more about us here.

We use a smartphone’s accelerometer, gyroscope and GPS chip to determine whether a motorcycle taxi driver is more safe or less safe than average, then let customers order safer drivers through a smartphone app.

We are looking for a talented developer to join our team. Anyone you can think of would be highly appreciated and can send C/Vs directly to me. We are having competitive salaries for East Africa with the added incentive of employee stock options for properly qualified candidates.

The following skills are required:
Strong grasp on web technologies, understanding client/server architecture, web sockets, HTTP, REST, e.t.c
Significant experience with Javascript and strong skills in Angular,Underscore,jQuery
A good grasp on JSON, NoSQL databases > MongoDB
Git flow and git lover
Understanding modern web development techniques
Ability to integrate external services such as Google Maps, Charts, e.t.c

About SafeMotos

SafeMotos is making Kigali’s motorcyle taxis safer and more convenient. Founded by longtime Kigali residents Nash and Peter Kariuki, they have both been suffering from the danger of riding moto taxis. The current system where a customer has no idea whether a moto driver is on his first day on the job or a seasoned veteran is a problem as customers cannot control the quality of their driver.Their solution is SafeMotos, a smartphone application which makes motos safer and more convenient. Customers simply instruct the app where they want to be picked up from, instruct the app where they want to go, then choose a star rating for the quality of driver they want. Customers will be able to pay more money to get a better driver, while also getting the convenience of being able to be picked up from anywhere.The expected launch date for the SafeMotos application in Kigali is this May.
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